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The Difference Between Criminology And Psychology

Psychology is the scientific study of individual behavior and 
thoughts as the basis of his personality and the reactionary 
process. There are several reasons a person may be examined by 
a psychologist. Sometimes people who are being considered are 
simply trying to find ways to move beyond a particular feeling 
or desire that can not let go of their own. Using psychology 
and investing in the help they can get from a psychologist, 
a person can be shown the different ways they approach situations 
and learn to react differently and redefine their approaches 
to issues or stress factors. In learning different habits of 
the reaction process, a person can learn to overcome different 
problems or feelings that have not been able to do at an earlier
time, before being studied in the psychology field.

Psychologists tend to increase the information that is gathering 
a variety of topics in order to learn how the human mind in 
general. Information can also be used to note the similarities 
and differences between the individual mind and assessment of life.

While criminology is also studying the behavior of a person 
and think there is a specific result required by the criminologist. 
The actions of the individual and thoughts are being studied 
to see how everyone is able to overcome or succumb to the various 
elements of the crime that exists in an environment. There are 
many different ideas on how a criminal who happens to be. Some 
believe that a criminal is born with the natural instinct to 
be deviant, while others believe that the criminal element is 
housed within each specific environmental conditions. 
Criminologists are often in search of why and how a person 
is able to act in a manner that is harmful to themselves or 
others. They use their knowledge to create a safe and comfortable 
environment for the public.

Criminology is a branch of the specific psychological criminology 
that combines these two perspectives. Using psychology as a basis 
for the invention of the individual, criminologists are able to 
generate a profile of the author. In reviewing the actions of an 
individual or behaviors, psychological criminologists are able 
to see the personality of the individual being followed or 
studied. This can help criminologists to analyze the model to 
reduce the author before they can perform their next criminal act, 
if the person remains at large, or can help the criminologist to 
understand how the crime is to become, in effect determine The 
motive for the crime. However, psychological criminologists are 
generally not those who help criminals out of deviant behavior 
or mental.

Through analysis of the mind, both criminologists and psychologists 
try to understand the individual. While in some cases this is 
done for the benefit of the person, in other cases is to keep 
the public in general and individual security.

Instead, they usually use their knowledge to help others understand 
what the criminal did and why, contributes effectively to get 
answers to criminals who may be useful or necessary.