In this article today on the editorial boards, let's see how 
you can win more customers and improve their writing skills.

Improving the skills of these two, you can be a rise in revenue 
will result in Many copywriters are very strong in their profession, 
but are not very good for customers. If you can sell to 
potential customers, you will never find yourself short of work. 

The ability to sell yourself is what you stand out from all the 
other freelance copywriters out there. You need to make sure you 
have a portfolio of your best work. In this portfolio, you'll 
want to be a letter explaining your qualifications along with 
samples of writing as well as testimonials from previous jobs. 
If you can e-mail to potential customers, this helps to set apart. 
They see the professional work you have done in the past, as 
well as the customer base that you are working. If you are 
able to reference Fortune 500 companies you have worked, it 
continues to improve its credibility. If you are just starting 
copywriting field, delete any references to replace this and 
the more work you have done in the past. If you worked in an 
advertising agency and start to freelance, make sure to 
include some of the work you have done this advertising agency.

Two ways to get customers to send in several places, where the 
customer or You can also 
research companies that you may be able to see if they need 
to work. If you spend time reading the business section 
every day, cut out articles that may be in their given 
field and keep them in a centralized location. This could 
be a potential advantage for you depending on how companies 
are doing, and if it is a situation where your skills may be needed

To learn more about writing great copy, look for more 
information about Dan Kennedy. It is one of the world's 
foremost experts on direct selling and reading through his 
book will give you an idea on how to write great copy. 
The book you want to specifically pick up is called 
"The Ultimate Sales Letter." This book breaks down the Kennedy 
system of writing great copy. By taking the time to read this, 
you could see what he did to be so successful, and he takes the 
time to look through different examples that you can see what 
works with many of these ads.

Hopefully this article today, copywriting tips has proven useful 
to you. Stephen King once quoted in Time magazine that writing is 
a similar function. When working out and lifting weights during 
the time you find yourself getting stronger and more muscular. 
The same can be applied to copywriting. If you continue to develop 
your skills and write habitually every day, you are better writer 
over time. The key behind copywriting tips is that you apply them.




Have you ever wondered where cigars were first produced? 
It is widely believed that cigars were first produced in Spain. 
But before cigars became fashionable in Europe, you need to 
make snuff. The snuff is native to the Americas where indigenous 
peoples have been hundreds of years. It is believed that the 
Maya of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico and parts of Central 
America cultivated snuff, and smoking, even! Consumption of 
snuff was extended to other tribes, north and south. It is 
believed that its first use in the United States was probably 
one of the tribes along the Mississippi. It was not until 
Christopher Columbus sailed his famous voyage to the Americas 
in 1492 that the world came to know snuff.

It is said that Columbus is not impressed with the tobacco or 
its use among indigenous peoples, but many sailors grew found 
a strange plant. Soon quickly caught up in Spain and Portugal. 
From there it spread to France, where the French ambassador 
Jean Nicot lent his name to the scientific name for tobacco 
(Nicotiana tabacum). Origin of the word tobacco itself still 
suspect, although many believe it is simply a corruption of 
the word Tobago, which is the name of an island in the Caribbean. 
Others believe it derives from the word Tabasco, regional 
(and now state) in Mexico.

The first tobacco plantation in the United States was 
established in Virginia in 1612. More tobacco plantations 
followed in Maryland soon after. Although tobacco became a 
popular culture, it was only smoked in pipes. The cigar was 
not introduced in the U.S. until the late 18th century. 
Israel Putnam, an army general who had served in the 
Revolutionary War, is credited with introducing the cigar to 
the United States. He had traveled to Cuba after the American 
Revolution and returned with a box of Cuban cigars. Their use 
is spreading rapidly and soon the cigar factories were 
established in the area of ​​Harford, Connecticut, where General 
Putnam lived.

Europe, cigar production and consumption has gained great 
popularity until the Peninsula War in the early 19. British 
and French veterans returned home after years in Spain to 
serve their pipes in tow. Between the rich and fashionable, 
a popular method of taking tobacco was the cigar. 
Smoking a cigar with a rich society and more discriminating.


Format     Xbox 360
Developer  Slightly Mad Studios
Publisher  EA Games
Genre      Racing / Driving, Sports

Shift 2 Unleashed, the developers may have a passion for tuning 
and racing exotic sports cars (we can say this, because they 
do not understand a word of what was said, and cut-scenes), 
but their real talent lies in their liquidation.

Those who have played the original need for speed will shift 
already familiar with the series of accidents "reference option. 
Spiral into a concrete wall at high speed and the screen blurs 
as if they are broken by the impact.

The pilot of a guttural noise that can be done while a lung 
was lodged in the throat, and the controller vibrates so hard 
that your stay is separated from the continent and Britain 
floats in Greenland.

All what's missing manual inflate button on your face. As is 
unfortunately invented a snowy night last December, is almost 
perfect likeness of how it feels to be a real car accident 
at high speed, and a little 'Mad Studios, which is not completely 
Mad Studio, saw no brought success violin.

Instead, they have been busy devising new ways to harm their 
loved ones. Addition of complete vehicle models damage was 
obvious evolution of the series, but man, does not have to be 
so bad about it.

Beat-up car misfire and wheezing its way through the path of 
a very painful way, throwing pieces of debris in the soil 
mixed with gravel on the track, the terrain more dangerous 
than you can imagine with a vengeance.


Shift 2's Appetite for Destruction is precisely because it 
fails to reach the ambitious, is seen as a serious competitor 
to the likes of Forza 3 and, for this reason that is not 
necessarily a bad thing; Shift 2 Unleashed is the dirtiest, 
most people wild brand of the competitor and everything he 
has to roll their way Turn of the 10 or Polyphony paddock 
and at the same time, late or seriously behind realism 
comprehensive features that is more than offset as part of 
determination, struggle and tension in sim racing rival kingdom.

With Project Gotham declared totally unroadworthy currently, 
no other racing game quite a change of wavelength, and 
certainly there is a vacancy on the grid for the race of 
the Xbox 360 for a game with skill can marry incredibly 
rigorous discipline wheel racing wheel.

Not quite sure where terrible wind "Unleashed", the subtitle, 
though. A hat full of annoying advertising slogans, probably. 
But if nothing else, Shift 2 takes the youthful exuberance 
of the first game and clamp leash on it.

Wild oversteer the car is the first victim, screeching round 
corners but is even more hectic than purists might like that 
business model has yet ratchet down a few notches to give a 
drawer, are more accurate.

Although there are a lot of charm in the way the first game 
that made you feel like you've always had to push the car 
on the edge of its limits, the result is all the stronger 
for this compromise, you giving more control and therefore 
more confidence to push your expansion battered genitals 
in the course.

The interface was also reduced considerably and the leveling 
system has been subtly modified. Need For Speed ​​Shift in 
the innocence of youth bombarded the reader with a steady 
trickle of comments, but remains part of the reward system 
as the basis for this sequel, which led to a second level 
allows the player the freedom to adapt to track conditions 
without getting bitch slapped constantly to deviate from 
the racing line.

The first game is the "Precision Aggression against" two-tier 
system really works, so it was discarded in favor of XP, 
a plate, which grows when you are ready to set targets at 
the event, including leading and managing the whole ', or 
the entire cycle of rotation, without any pranging.

On top of that, you continue to be rewarded for mastering the
angles (ie, burning through the maximum speed possible) and 
keep the racial line, but these are hidden in the race and 
is only spread after the transaction is completed.

As before, the XP system works in parallel with the monetary 
system, which will open up new events in the first and the 
second allows you to buy new cars and upgrades - but despicably, 
you can bypass the barrier only when it blows out a credit 
card EA pumping mouth full of Microsoft Points. 
What happened to simple good old cheat codes


Driver AI has also been on Slightly Mad's "tame" the list, 
with mixed results. It was a big problem with the first 
game with the other riders are constantly making a straight 
line to your car as if it was to play a melody ice cream 
van and they were not able to fully repair.

It is much better, mind - but other drivers still zoom 
around without care and attention, and it can be frustrating 
to lose six minutes worth of work (no return function here, 
bub) just because " a competitor does not see their mirrors.

But when you learn to anticipate irregular movements of other 
drivers, you start to understand that their sketchiness is a 
necessary evil, because it gives some Shift 2 flat viciously 
competitive AI.

From behind the leaders, no one gives an inch, in some of the 
most compelling race we've seen.

One thing you may have noticed, is a scarce resource is 
characteristic of the brand new fact - it is quite a change 
from the original, and if it is a solid purchase for newcomers 
to the series will feel boring Veterans know Shift.

Fortunately, there is a brilliant new feature that could tip 
the balance: Autolog. You may recall that the interface 
Autolog social media that are supplied for Speed: Hot Pursuit, 
allowing users to exchange photos and messages and setting 
challenges each time you hit one of his friends now.

It was a beautiful, intelligent system that was somewhat 
lost on a game of chance so chaotic that the Hot Pursuit, 
you might as well roll a dice to determine your lap, but 
it is certainly in his element here.

In addition, the system has been enhanced to display both 
the name Autolog constantly and you are the friend above 
you in the ranking of this issue, the Geometry Wars 2.

Shift 2 AutoLog gives much longer needs the object. Technically, 
there is a good race set up with production values ​​that 
make 2012 look like a pop-up book about the Ark of Noah, 
but the player was slapped together with no discernible 
structure and significant.

Autologous uses his spine and turns it into something more 
than a series of individual race interesting but ultimately 

It turns it into one of the best games against the clock 
in a generation, and we recommend that any fans heart of 
Ridge Racer and Forza same. Whatever you do, do not touch 
the concrete walls.
It was a beautiful, intelligent system that was somewhat 
lost on a game of chance so chaotic that the Hot Pursuit, 
you might as well roll a dice to determine your lap, but 
it is certainly in his element here.

In addition, the system has been enhanced to display both 
the name Autolog constantly and you are the friend above 
you in the ranking of this issue, the Geometry Wars 2.

Shift 2 AutoLog gives much longer needs the object. 
Technically, there is a good race set up with production 
values ​​that make 2012 look like a pop-up book about the 
Ark of Noah, but the player was slapped together with no 
discernible structure and significant.

Autologous uses his spine and turns it into something more 
than a series of individual race interesting but 
ultimately pointless.

It turns it into one of the best games against the clock 
in a generation, and we recommend that any fans heart of 
Ridge Racer and Forza same. Whatever you do, do not touch 
the concrete walls.
It was a beautiful, intelligent system that was somewhat 
lost on a game of chance so chaotic that the Hot Pursuit, 
you might as well roll a dice to determine your lap, but 
it is certainly in his element here.

In addition, the system has been enhanced to display 
both the name Autolog constantly and you are the friend 
above you in the ranking of this issue, the Geometry Wars 2.

Shift 2 AutoLog gives much longer needs the object. 
Technically, there is a good race set up with production 
values ​​that make 2012 look like a pop-up book about the 
Ark of Noah, but the player was slapped together with 
no discernible structure and significant.

Autologous uses his spine and turns it into something more 
than a series of individual race interesting but 
ultimately pointless.

It turns it into one of the best games against the 
clock in a generation, and we recommend that any fans heart 
of Ridge Racer and Forza same. Whatever you do, do not 
touch the concrete walls.


In 2009, 11.1 million adults were victims of identity theft, 
according to a study by Javelin Strategy & Research. 
This was an increase of 12% over 2008. One of the biggest problems 
is identity theft cost consumers time and money. The study shows 
that the victim of fraud spent an average of 21 hours and 373 dollars 
trying to clear identity theft.

Early diagnosis is always the key when it comes to combating identity 
theft. The fastest is the case of theft, the sooner you can intervene 
to prevent further damage. Learn to recognize the signs of identity 
theft, so you can react quickly.

A. You are prompted unexpectedly declined credit card, loan or 
 any other service.

You are entitled to a free credit report when your application 
is denied because your credit history. Take advantage of this 
free credit report to determine if it has become a victim of 
identity theft. You only have 60 days to subscribe to this 
free credit report, so act quickly.

B. You receive collection calls on accounts you never opened.

Often, calls for collectors are the first signs of identity theft. 
When the debt collection start calling you have accounts often been 
open for several months. If you receive a call, I know that 
collecting the debt is not yours. Obtain a copy of your credit 
report to see if other accounts have been opened in your name and 
put a fraud alert or security freeze on your credit report.

C. Your credit report contains an account that you did not open.

If you notice an incorrect account on your credit report, guess 
that's the fault of the credit bureau or credit card issuer. 
It's probably a sign of identity theft. Use the credit report 
dispute process to get the account deleted from your credit report.

D. Your credit card is missing.

Report a lost or stolen card to the issuer of your credit 
card as soon as you notice it missing. Many credit card 
companies have plans for $ 0 fraud liability protection that 
prevents you from paying up to $ 50 of fraudulent charges 
made on your credit card.

E. Your credit report contains questions businesses do not recognize.

Credit reports contain queries soft, which are often made for 
promotion, and research difficult to requests made by you or an 
identity thief. unknown hard inquiries are a sign of identity 
theft in order to see your credit file to see if there are 
fraudulent accounts.

F. Your credit card bills suddenly stop coming.

Thieves can use a change of address forms to mail to another 
address. If your credit card statements suddenly stop, call 
the credit card company to confirm the statements are sent 
to the correct address. Then take extra steps to ensure that 
your mailbox is so secure mail can not be stolen from your mailbox.

G. For invoices that are not accounted for was opened.

If you receive a statement credit card has your name on it 
but for a credit card, you do not open, contact your credit 
card company's customer service immediately. Let them know 
that you did not open the credit card and you think it is a 
sign of identity theft. You should also check your credit 
report for other fraudulent accounts.



Skype is software for calling other people on their computers or phones.
 Download Skype and start calling for free all over the world. 

The calls have excellent sound quality and are highly secure with 
end-to-end encryption. You don't even need to configure your firewall 
or router or any other networking gear.

Additionally it doesn't just work on Windows. Skype is also for Mac OS X, 
Linux and PDAs using Pocket PC, with a native look and feel for each 
platform. Talking, sending instant messages or even file transfers work 
between different platforms like a charm.

Technical information
Title:	        Skype
Filename:	SkypeSetup.exe
File size:	1005KB (1,029,512 bytes)
Requirements:	Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / Windows7 /
                XP64 / Vista64 / Windows7 64
Languages:	Multiple languages
License:	Freeware
Date added:	April 21, 2011
Author:	        Skype Technologies

with skype, we can do much things :

  1. You can call for help
  2. names of contacts (contact select and mark click)
  3. the keypad (dial a number using softphone interface)
  4. Call (select the contact you have called and recalled with automatic numbering)
Receiving a call
  1. Accept or reject the call
  2. Caller Display
  3. Accept or refuse a permit for a second to view your profile
  4. Block calls from unknown or unwanted
Contact Management
  1. Search for contacts (this is where you can meet people and make new friends)
  2. See the contact information and edit profiles
Start a conference call
  1. Add to participants in a conference call or to withdraw this
  2. Starting a video call
  3. Start the call within the IM (instant messaging) session
  4. See call list
  1. record a personal greeting with your own voice
  2. send a voice message (to anyone without ringing sound)
  3. listen to voice messages that people have posted
  4. delete voice messages from your inbox
Set your preferences
  1. Change your online status (eg, if available or not and how)
  2. Enter your personal settings to specify who can and can not contact you
  3. Configure notifications Skype specify how you want to alert you of an event
  4. Define audio and video messages and other settings
Set up your voicemail options
  1. Create hotkeys (shortcuts for basic tasks)
  2. Use chat or IM (Instant Messaging)
  3. Start a private conversation or a group
  4. Responding to an instant message (sent when you were offline)
  5. People start a new topic chat and invite
  6. Bookmark a chat session (session and keep using it for a long period)
  7. View and delete chat history
File Sharing
  1. Send a file or multiple files to an individual or group
  2. Drag the files to the list of contacts
  3. Drag and drop files to chat (and transfer it to people you are chatting with)
  4. Accept files to a person
  5. Block all file transfers
Manage Your Profile
  1. Manage your public profile
  2. Manage your private (hidden) profile (including your e-mail)
  3. Shows the local time
  4. Add an image to your profile (and others can link a face to a name)
  5. Create other Skype account
  6. Import contacts from other accounts
Manage Account
  1. View your account information (dialed numbers, transactions, download the free gifts, etc.)
Configure your account settings

(See the email address you registered and change your password, registered email address, and published the currency format).
  1. Buy Skype Credit
  2. Buy SkypeIn subscription
  3. Buy an answering machine
  4. Redeeming vouchers
  5. Buy accessories
thats all i can share, thanks for coming, enjoy !!



After opening a new document from the Google Docs home page, an editor 
is robust enough for an army that has editing tools. The single menu 
bar allows the user to change almost any aspect of the document with 
the relatively small list of fonts, styles and text sizes. 
The formatting options are significantly reduced compared to Microsoft 
Office, but the necessary options are there. (Who needs Office text 
of paragraph 48 in blue or Webdings Gigi scripts anyway?) What is 
included in the suite is more than enough to create resumes, letters, 
documents, theses, or for any other purpose in a university or 
professional. Another must-have features such as bulleted lists, 
underlining, superscripts and subscripts are available on the 
toolbar or the menu at the top of the screen.

For those who need even more advanced editing features, Google Docs 
also allows the user to edit the HTML or CSS to the document. 
Yes, Google Docs is a borderline case web page. So if you can not 
find a way to make a special effect or the appearance of the standard 
menu tools (Google Docs, you can not select multiple table cells, 
for example), some HTML and CSS knowledge can easily be reached. 
There is a better option to edit RAW files, but some users may find 
too daunting. HTML editor may also be necessary to adjust the page 
margins, page orientation, or the number of columns in the document - 
there is no easy way to do this, we can say.

Images and designs can also be changed in a lot of documents such 
as competitors, but the graphs can not be found in this program. 
It is not as easy as copying a document, because users must manually 
download the images, which can be tedious. Images and graphics can 
also be aligned left, right and center, but we never found a way to 
float around text documents or do any advanced layout without having 
to manually edit the HTML code. E 'can also lead to hand images 
in a document in Google Docs "More Drawing" feature.

Students should keep in mind that Google Docs lacks a feature could 
have come to love - Formula Editor. Office complex equations and 
derivations can be easily written, but not a similar feature found 
in Google Docs. If the complexity of the equation is placed on the 
screen, you may need to resort to unprofessional or drawing of the 
equation by using a different tool than the LATEX to create an image.

While Google Docs is a word / spelling check function does not 
check the spelling of the document in real time as Office, 
the tool must be invoked manually through the menu bar. Google Docs 
does not have the ability to check grammar or current language of 
the document, so there is no easy solution to try to understand if 
there are incomplete sentences. However, Google Docs does not have a 
very interesting feature of revision control, which allows users to 
browse the history of the document, view changes between revisions 
to the document changes over time, and helps users reveal who made 
the changes and when. It is very useful when you want to retrieve 
the deleted paragraph about a week - it's as simple as browsing 
through the history of the document.


Google Docs is to find the answer on the web giant for Microsoft Office 
and reduces strictly necessary, but with some exciting sharing features 
built in. less really more, or are they free or not worth what Google 
Docs you pay for them? Read our full review to find out.


Google Docs is Google's competitor to Microsoft Office 2007. 
With a string of word processing, following spreadsheet, presentation, 
and continuous data collection in the form / the product is clearly his 
views on Microsoft solutions. After creating a free account at Google, 
users will have access to communication tools for e-mail, calendar, 
share photos and personal web hosting. Obviously, this result may give 
Microsoft a run for their money.

When multiple users are enrolled, it is also possible to cooperate 
with each user can edit and modify the same document on the Internet. 
Because all the documents that are hosted online also means you can 
access your work from any computer anywhere in the world - but it 
also means that without the Internet, you can not access your work.

Interface and usability


Understanding the structure of Google Docs, and the importance of 
all the little buttons on the interface should be relatively easy if 
you used a word processor. In fact, if you are posting tools on our 
forum site, it will already be familiar with a variety of icons and 
symbols used in Google Docs and other tools.

On the first page of Google Docs is also relatively simple to understand. 
Open a new document, and Google will ask if it is a Word document, 
a presentation or a spreadsheet. Forms are available that can be emailed 
to someone, with responses sent to Google and their results have been 
compiled for you. Documents of all types can be assembled in different 
folders and moved according to needs and user preferences may also be 
limited to a specific folder or organized by date or name.

Using each of the programs described in this notice has been fairly easy 
to use, but we have discovered that Google Docs sometimes make mistakes
in deciding what size text you want to really use or what you should use 
this paragraph indentation . The issue does not happen often, but just 
enough to be memorable.

Each program was also able to export files in the appropriate format 
for Office 2003, which is not always easy, but it does not work for most. 
If necessary, files can also be exported to PDF, text, OpenOffice 
extensions or other file formats. Google Docs supports loading files 
into different formats as well, but compatibility with Microsoft Office 
is at the same time smart.