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Kaskus forum is the largest online virtual community and No. 1 in Indonesia and its users called Kaskuser. Kaskus, November 6, 1999 by three young people from Indonesia, namely Andrew Dervish, Ronald Stephen, and Budi Darmawan, who is currently studying at Seattle, USA. This site is managed by the Media Indonesia PT Dart. The site has over 2.5 million users, not only Indonesia, but residents also extended to other countries. Kaskus users are young adults in general.

Kaskus, representing enormous sums, started from a hobby to a small community, which then evolved into the present. Kaskus visited by at least 900 000 people, with the number of pages viewed by more than 15 dollars a day. To date Kaskus already has more than 250 million messages.

According to in December 2010 Kaskus is ranked 251, took sixth most visited site in the world, in Indonesia.

In August 2005, Indonesia has been awarded PC Magazine with Kaskus site the best site and the larger community, then Kaskus site has been re-elected as the best option for PC Magazine in 2006.

May 23, 2006 Kaskus Management was forced to change the domain. Com is made. We, as the Brontok virus created to attack sites in Indonesia, where the entrance Kaskus the target of the attack.

In early April 2007, consistent Kaskus to add two new servers to improve site performance Kaskus (Dell server).

In July 2008, the director finally decided to run Kaskus Kaskus server in Indonesia. To this end Kaskus purchase eight Dell PowerEdge 2950 and operated through a network of open IXP. As a result of this disclosure Kaskus multiply and, finally, the manager plans to add eight servers more than the sum of which will become operational in September is 16 servers.

From 2011, announced the expansion of its business with Kaskus a partnership with Global Premium Digital is a subsidiary of PT Djarum. In addition, Kaskus also increase the number of servers up to 250 pieces, and the hiring of new employees up to 80 people.

Kaskus and is now one of my very favorite places to visit, what about you?