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In 2009, 11.1 million adults were victims of identity theft, 
according to a study by Javelin Strategy & Research. 
This was an increase of 12% over 2008. One of the biggest problems 
is identity theft cost consumers time and money. The study shows 
that the victim of fraud spent an average of 21 hours and 373 dollars 
trying to clear identity theft.

Early diagnosis is always the key when it comes to combating identity 
theft. The fastest is the case of theft, the sooner you can intervene 
to prevent further damage. Learn to recognize the signs of identity 
theft, so you can react quickly.

A. You are prompted unexpectedly declined credit card, loan or 
 any other service.

You are entitled to a free credit report when your application 
is denied because your credit history. Take advantage of this 
free credit report to determine if it has become a victim of 
identity theft. You only have 60 days to subscribe to this 
free credit report, so act quickly.

B. You receive collection calls on accounts you never opened.

Often, calls for collectors are the first signs of identity theft. 
When the debt collection start calling you have accounts often been 
open for several months. If you receive a call, I know that 
collecting the debt is not yours. Obtain a copy of your credit 
report to see if other accounts have been opened in your name and 
put a fraud alert or security freeze on your credit report.

C. Your credit report contains an account that you did not open.

If you notice an incorrect account on your credit report, guess 
that's the fault of the credit bureau or credit card issuer. 
It's probably a sign of identity theft. Use the credit report 
dispute process to get the account deleted from your credit report.

D. Your credit card is missing.

Report a lost or stolen card to the issuer of your credit 
card as soon as you notice it missing. Many credit card 
companies have plans for $ 0 fraud liability protection that 
prevents you from paying up to $ 50 of fraudulent charges 
made on your credit card.

E. Your credit report contains questions businesses do not recognize.

Credit reports contain queries soft, which are often made for 
promotion, and research difficult to requests made by you or an 
identity thief. unknown hard inquiries are a sign of identity 
theft in order to see your credit file to see if there are 
fraudulent accounts.

F. Your credit card bills suddenly stop coming.

Thieves can use a change of address forms to mail to another 
address. If your credit card statements suddenly stop, call 
the credit card company to confirm the statements are sent 
to the correct address. Then take extra steps to ensure that 
your mailbox is so secure mail can not be stolen from your mailbox.

G. For invoices that are not accounted for was opened.

If you receive a statement credit card has your name on it 
but for a credit card, you do not open, contact your credit 
card company's customer service immediately. Let them know 
that you did not open the credit card and you think it is a 
sign of identity theft. You should also check your credit 
report for other fraudulent accounts.




Skype is software for calling other people on their computers or phones.
 Download Skype and start calling for free all over the world. 

The calls have excellent sound quality and are highly secure with 
end-to-end encryption. You don't even need to configure your firewall 
or router or any other networking gear.

Additionally it doesn't just work on Windows. Skype is also for Mac OS X, 
Linux and PDAs using Pocket PC, with a native look and feel for each 
platform. Talking, sending instant messages or even file transfers work 
between different platforms like a charm.

Technical information
Title:	        Skype
Filename:	SkypeSetup.exe
File size:	1005KB (1,029,512 bytes)
Requirements:	Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / Windows7 /
                XP64 / Vista64 / Windows7 64
Languages:	Multiple languages
License:	Freeware
Date added:	April 21, 2011
Author:	        Skype Technologies

with skype, we can do much things :

  1. You can call for help
  2. names of contacts (contact select and mark click)
  3. the keypad (dial a number using softphone interface)
  4. Call (select the contact you have called and recalled with automatic numbering)
Receiving a call
  1. Accept or reject the call
  2. Caller Display
  3. Accept or refuse a permit for a second to view your profile
  4. Block calls from unknown or unwanted
Contact Management
  1. Search for contacts (this is where you can meet people and make new friends)
  2. See the contact information and edit profiles
Start a conference call
  1. Add to participants in a conference call or to withdraw this
  2. Starting a video call
  3. Start the call within the IM (instant messaging) session
  4. See call list
  1. record a personal greeting with your own voice
  2. send a voice message (to anyone without ringing sound)
  3. listen to voice messages that people have posted
  4. delete voice messages from your inbox
Set your preferences
  1. Change your online status (eg, if available or not and how)
  2. Enter your personal settings to specify who can and can not contact you
  3. Configure notifications Skype specify how you want to alert you of an event
  4. Define audio and video messages and other settings
Set up your voicemail options
  1. Create hotkeys (shortcuts for basic tasks)
  2. Use chat or IM (Instant Messaging)
  3. Start a private conversation or a group
  4. Responding to an instant message (sent when you were offline)
  5. People start a new topic chat and invite
  6. Bookmark a chat session (session and keep using it for a long period)
  7. View and delete chat history
File Sharing
  1. Send a file or multiple files to an individual or group
  2. Drag the files to the list of contacts
  3. Drag and drop files to chat (and transfer it to people you are chatting with)
  4. Accept files to a person
  5. Block all file transfers
Manage Your Profile
  1. Manage your public profile
  2. Manage your private (hidden) profile (including your e-mail)
  3. Shows the local time
  4. Add an image to your profile (and others can link a face to a name)
  5. Create other Skype account
  6. Import contacts from other accounts
Manage Account
  1. View your account information (dialed numbers, transactions, download the free gifts, etc.)
Configure your account settings

(See the email address you registered and change your password, registered email address, and published the currency format).
  1. Buy Skype Credit
  2. Buy SkypeIn subscription
  3. Buy an answering machine
  4. Redeeming vouchers
  5. Buy accessories
thats all i can share, thanks for coming, enjoy !!


Google Docs is to find the answer on the web giant for Microsoft Office 
and reduces strictly necessary, but with some exciting sharing features 
built in. less really more, or are they free or not worth what Google 
Docs you pay for them? Read our full review to find out.


Google Docs is Google's competitor to Microsoft Office 2007. 
With a string of word processing, following spreadsheet, presentation, 
and continuous data collection in the form / the product is clearly his 
views on Microsoft solutions. After creating a free account at Google, 
users will have access to communication tools for e-mail, calendar, 
share photos and personal web hosting. Obviously, this result may give 
Microsoft a run for their money.

When multiple users are enrolled, it is also possible to cooperate 
with each user can edit and modify the same document on the Internet. 
Because all the documents that are hosted online also means you can 
access your work from any computer anywhere in the world - but it 
also means that without the Internet, you can not access your work.

Interface and usability


Understanding the structure of Google Docs, and the importance of 
all the little buttons on the interface should be relatively easy if 
you used a word processor. In fact, if you are posting tools on our 
forum site, it will already be familiar with a variety of icons and 
symbols used in Google Docs and other tools.

On the first page of Google Docs is also relatively simple to understand. 
Open a new document, and Google will ask if it is a Word document, 
a presentation or a spreadsheet. Forms are available that can be emailed 
to someone, with responses sent to Google and their results have been 
compiled for you. Documents of all types can be assembled in different 
folders and moved according to needs and user preferences may also be 
limited to a specific folder or organized by date or name.

Using each of the programs described in this notice has been fairly easy 
to use, but we have discovered that Google Docs sometimes make mistakes
in deciding what size text you want to really use or what you should use 
this paragraph indentation . The issue does not happen often, but just 
enough to be memorable.

Each program was also able to export files in the appropriate format 
for Office 2003, which is not always easy, but it does not work for most. 
If necessary, files can also be exported to PDF, text, OpenOffice 
extensions or other file formats. Google Docs supports loading files 
into different formats as well, but compatibility with Microsoft Office 
is at the same time smart.


Sound mixing is an integral part of digital recording. To improve the output quality recording, you can mix the appropriate tracks. In this technique, the instruments recorded “perfected” by means of sound production and increase software to enhance the momentum of the last song. The effects thus produced high-quality output, which is much more effective to listen to the original recording.

Sound mixing is an art, and therefore, you must make a conscious effort to control it. With patients and perseverance, you can create your own style. Professional help is not mandatory, but it may be helpful, understanding fundamentals easily. You must also have an ear for music, and you need good aesthetic sense for decoration.

Several music production software such as Cakewalk, Logic, GarageBand and Pro Tools are available in the market for sound mixing.

You must first open a new project and import existing tracks recorded. Next, open the window would show the production mix of the track. For that, you can directly add plug-ins and effects.

As you make changes in the composition of the game check if you have achieved the desired result. This will help avoid the additional effects that are not needed and reduce rework. It might also be able to eliminate these sounds do not want to be part of the track.

When you listen to the composition and balance sound equipment. Some of them may be the initial phase of registration or pictures stand out oddly against the others. You may even find that some songs are louder or quieter. Correct these rumblings, and adjust the pitch accordingly. Mix these recordings instrument so that they gel well with each other. You can also use a combination of the box to reduce or increase the volume of each track.

audio production software has a useful plug-ins, which help to achieve the desired results. Auto-tune, amp modeling, reverb and delay are examples. You can also try the technique of “comping” where you can organize your music collection of the best pieces of single track, slice a part of your collections.

In addition, using compression techniques that come with your software mixer to correct some of the sound recording to check the dynamic path. You can also add EQ (EQ) plug-in to correct the irregular frequencies and increase or decrease the amount of a particular instrument or the resonant frequency.


There are many games that we carry with us when we need it. If it is rainy or just want to relax and stay in the field. Here is a list of games we have.

Tenth stage of cribbage, Uno, Skip Bo, Jenga, Dominoes, Rummikub, Kismet, sequences, Mexican train dominoes. Card games of all kinds. There are many others you can take with you.

Jenga game is a series of small pieces of wood that you are doing and try to eliminate them one at a time until the person is a whole mess falls. It can be a nerve extirpation. Rummikub is a game that is a cross between rummy and dominoes. Kismet is a game of dice. Sequence is a card / board game.

However, these are just some of the games available and not all are suitable for two people. So we ask our campers to close if they would like to join us. We get to know our new neighbors that way and make new friends. You can throw horseshoes, or badminton. These suits your truck or SUV with ease.

These games are games very happy to be in every camper to spend time having fun. The hunters, in particular, have something to do when they can not be hunting woods. So games are a good thing to have on hand all the time. Most hunters will have a deck of poker with them anyway.

Some people have a TV, and what is good, but I prefer the cards or games.

Another thing you can do is play the instrument. A lot of campers to play guitar. I play the banjo, which does not play well alone, so it makes sense to play the guitar.

We met many new friends in the camps in this way and we remain friends for long.

Children have a good time to play with adults if it is a game that they can understand, to participate. They enjoy camping more if they are fun. They like to win too.

Women do not like cards or games that can crochet, knitting or cross stitch. You can do small projects with you and not bad. And there is always a good book. So with so much to do there is no reason not to go camping is the weather.


For some people, the middle of the desert and away from modern society it is better to withdraw. Many nature lovers want to be independent, modern technologies and fuel sources to enjoy the beauty of the landscape. Wood stoves camping freedom offered by the consumption of fossil fuels, while you can still enjoy a meal around the camp. This not only helps the environment, but to facilitate the loading and backpacker..

A huge advantage of using wood stoves outdoor reduce consumption of fossil fuels. Many people do not understand the environmental impacts arising from the purchase and fossil fuels, campfires, even seemingly small and cooking. How to buy fuel on the shelf will begin the exploration and mining, which in itself is harmful to natural resources. From there, refineries and distribution of his share of plays in environmental degradation. Just another choice of fuel (in this case wood) that are helping to preserve what is wild, we still have left. This alone is very useful for more than wood stoves that use fossil fuels.

Another advantage of wood burning camping stoves is the satisfaction you’ll feel to collect your own brand of fuel. If camping with small children, this may be something especially fun for them to participate in a game it can also create wonderful memories of your family, especially if the findings interesting is detected, then looking for firewood. Even if you are camping alone, it could very well be the element that you become more in touch with nature while walking and looking for fuel for a campfire.

Using an outdoor wood stoves is very light and stoves that use fossil fuels, there will be heavy tanks. There are many models on the market today that are divided into several parts is easier to carry when on the move. Some models also have a specialized pot holders and hand guards that double carry bag.

Yet another advantage of using wood stoves have the potential to double your fire. Bonfires are an important element when you are out in nature for several reasons. Fire can not keep away from dangerous insects in an envelope with your field to dry clothes are wet when outdoor adventures, and keep warm when the sun goes down.



Equally seasoned campers we know the valuable items with the intention of be inflicted with to be taken with us to help insure we be inflicted with an enjoyable camping experience. The splendid business in this area camping is as long as you be inflicted with your essentials camping is not much uncommon than being by family apart from you are outdoors.

When packing, keep it unadorned, shelter, love, food, and maybe approximately entertainment are the foremost concerns. The basic needs pro life are dry shelter, a lukewarm bed, and skilled food; this applies by family or away from family.

A skilled tent is vital pro shelter. There are three types of tents. The A frame tents with the intention of has been around the highest and sleeps lone or two public comfortably; however, this tent is the smallest amount standard with campers. The lodge stylishness tent which can be the leading of tents are splendid pro families lacking with the intention of superfluous interval or confidential place to stay. Some of these tents occur with open-air screen opportunity or an open-air canopy. The generally standard tent is the auditorium tent. Easy to deposit up and take down approximately even be inflicted with color roundabout poles. These tents are exceptional by shedding fill up and can survive gray winds. The single breakdown with this tent is the auditorium affect gives a reduced amount of height opportunity along the sides.

A good sleeping bag is necessary for night time warmth. However, they are not cushioned sufficient to take a nap frankly on the ground. This is everywhere a skilled sleeping pad will occur in handy. The sleeping pad will furthermore keep the ground from draining body excitement from you while you take a nap. The preeminent sleeping pads are the foam-filled, self-inflating pads, or many campers rather the air mattress.

At feast calculate, the continue essential pro comfort and lone of the generally valuable, pro this is lone element we solely cannot sort out lacking. Outdoor cooking can be a catastrophe or it can be a very rewarding experience. For the generally part lone can get on to this very unadorned on a lone or two time camping tumble. Sandwiches are in this area the easiest business to arrange, not much can energy ill-treat with this. However, sandwiches can make pretty old quickly. A skilled perception is to permanently include the kids in the planning of the meals.

A skilled camping stove or camping question will be looked-for to arrange the food with. A two burner stove or a stove with burner and question would be ideal. Maybe approximately paper plates and plastic utensils will be preeminent to munch with. Most campgrounds be inflicted with a question or fire pit question combination with the intention of will bring about splendid pro generally cooking. However, charcoal can be more expensive than other fuels.

Some entertainment will be looked-for to help keep the kids and adults alike unavailable. The choices pro entertainment are pretty much boundless. The type of entertainment will vary from camper to camper; however, keep it unadorned, straightforward to quantity, and takes up little opportunity.

Remember, the joys’ of camping is enjoying the splendid outdoors and experiencing could you repeat that? Nature has to offer. Also, camping allows pro families to build closer bonds and create memories with the intention of will continue a time.