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I Love Ramadhan Month

Our small mosque at the corner of the field was generally quiet, only one rows when praying Maghrib, Isha and Fajr. Sometimes it could be two rows, but not fully. Those present were ‘him again he was again’. Moreover, priests, if not the Hajj, another pilgrim, yes sir. It does not matter too rame deh, but still delicious and the atmosphere ‘ngangeni’.

But last night changed instantly boisterous, pilgrims throng to flow into it to overflow into the backyard. Annual guest had arrived seemingly, Marhaban ya Ramadhan: Welcome Ramadhan. Uh, or welcome to the month of Ramadan?

Whatever it means, it is clear we must and shall be entitled rejoice in prayer that we pray toward the end of Ramadan last year which has diijabah Allah SWT. We reunited with the full month of forgiveness and mercy of Allah SWT. We all vowed to be ready to enter this special month, armed with faith as the requirement to meet the call of God in QS2: 183.

No wonder if last night’s legs and shoulders are touching each other, rows close to each other. Something that rarely happened in the previous day because of loosening of the contents of our mosque.

Charity boxes that have been almost a year to rest back to work, went round his servant who willingly berinfaq and charity. The night had gathered four hundred thousand dollars, up slightly compared to the beginning of Ramadan years ago, alhamdulillah.

Done tarawih, evening party has not ended. This time shift rebound verses from the Koran echoed everywhere. Every house seemed to show qori and Qoriah best, equally melodious melodious. Until the goose bumps to hear it.

When the night was just about to leave, tinkling sound of cutlery had collided with the plate, as if to continue the party last night. The lights in the house had long been fired but not yet the dawn call to prayer echoed. All the occupants are awake it seems, and we all expect a blessing in dawn meal, it turns out.

And this morning, all night party was closed by the return of pilgrims to our mosque, bersesakan fulfill obligations and glorifies shaum asmaMU to start a new day. We greet each other, pray for one another each other before parting at the end of the road.

Very beautiful last night ya Rabb. Piece of recording the race of people of Muhammad Rahman and RahiimMU grabbed it makes me hope this is not for a while.

I LOVE YOU RAMADHAN, please stay. If possible, do not be quick to go first. Let this party lasts longer and longer ..