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I Phone Translator – Super Great

hey look there,, its great translator, it can read from its camera, thennn,…

directly pop out the result without need to type anything with our finger,, how cool is this..

The New LG Infinia 3D TV

3D seems to be the next big thing in these days, and LG Electronics do not want to miss, bringing entertainment to the next dimension with the introduction of a complete set of 3D-technology products that are sure to do their part to anticipation content of life for consumers. You can experience a whole new way to watch movies through the creation of LG’s new top-of-the-line Infinia “LED HDTV in the first 3D-capable Blu-ray Network player, so you can immerse yourself in the picture quality and excellent 3D experience in your favorite sports events as well as Hollywood mega-hits is not going to the nearest movie theater, but relax in the comfort of your home. LX9500 LG LX6500 HDTV and infinite series are compatible with the player BX580 LG Network Blu-ray Disc and custom 3D glasses, so you can experience the 3D TV, the colors and contrast like never before.

What LX9500, you can enjoy the ultimate home entertainment THX certified quality, Full Slim LED technology, unlimited opportunities for content from NetCast Entertainment Access, and a very high refresh rate, for example.

LG hopes to gain ownership of 3D technology everyday people like you and me more affordable by offering the exclusive right to bundle the retail launch of its 3D technology suite, where we can collect all or 47LX9500 LG LX6500 LED next to LG HDTV Blu-3D ray Disc Player for certain retailers, saving you purcahse more active 3D shutter because they get two pairs free, not to mention the bonus you can get a certificate of redemption of Warner Home Video Blu-ray IMAX 3D Under the Sea 3D-mail – of course This offer is good until. If these new devices do not suffer from your monthly power, either due to LED 3D HDTV from LG is a variety of energy-saving features, if they are also among the intelligent sensor that calibrates and optimizes brightness, contrast, balance white and color, which is based on ambient room light, helping to save some ‘energy production in most circumstances. They are also ENERGY STAR rated this peace of mind. Any buyers?