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Solar Or Wind Energy

This is a question that is asked, except those who are committed to a green lifestyle, but also those who are just starting out. Enthusiastic and want to get on the right foot and feel this is as good a place as any to start. Some states are also allowed to use clean energy sources by the local utility. They launched a mandate that requires the proportion of the total power generated in public consumption is produced by clean energy sources.

There are both advantages and disadvantages to both. The biggest drawback to both is the high cost of production. Coal remains by far the best way to create energy. But if you cut the cost of construction and maintenance of coal, you’ll see that it costs much time and money to get electrified the entire country first. If the project is spread over several years, the cost does not seem so great.

Wind and solar are not available from other sources. We can not predict exactly when the sun shines. Oh, the meteorologist are good at what they do, but there are rare these days that no one suspected.

Then there is the fact that the wind is dependent on the sun, making it a form of solar energy as well. The currents of wind power generated by the sun heats the atmosphere in a few degrees higher than in others. Harnessing wind energy requires us to build very large windmills that works much like the wind. Regarding wind turbines to create kinetic energy, which is converted into mechanical energy and, finally, electricity.

The heat (energy) from the sun captured by photovoltaic panels, and converted into direct current that is sent to an inverter to convert it into usable alternating current required by most of the major obstacles homes.The n ‘Not that there’s a better other form of energy. The factor that has kept these two sources of energy as an alternative instead of giving the main source is the cost factor. Companies do not see it as very profitable and if you have a benefit, not really interested in continuing.

Solar energy is a factor that rises above the wind and that there is the sun around the world. It ‘s always the sun somewhere. Solar energy can power the entire solar fountain, sprinkler system to solar energy to drive the chain of the rain barrels. There are days when the wind is not blowing. We have tried to provide enough information to decide for yourself which you think is better.