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Logitech MX518 Gaming Mouse

At the end of the day, if you have on hand a variety of controllers and peripherals for games of last resort, everything related to the RTS, RPG or FPS need a friendly hand control with keyboard and mouse connectivity. This is the mouse that gives each player exactly what he wanted for so long. The Logitech MX518 Gaming Optical Mouse as more than hold his own half of the configuration of the game What you like about it is …

Well, everything but customizable user programming of five will be very attractive. The fact that there is wireless do not worry if you are a serious player, as you know that annoying mouse lag with wireless LAN supremacy and failure. But here’s a sensitive mouse that can be customized and dedicated buttons to increase or decrease sensitivity to their needs. I love how you can even customize the sensitivity during play of the game itself.

Very comfortable to use, and never press the wrong button again. It’s expensive, but do not get what you pay for, and the Logitech MX 518 comments here should almost seal the deal, if you’re sitting on the fence.



digital files

Use to organize a general procedure to delete, sort and store, and apply for file organization.


• Start by going through his computer files one by one and eliminate all duplicates, unwanted and / or unnecessary documents.

• To implement this step, ask yourself the right questions. For example: Is it a copy? Can I get this elsewhere if I need it? Is it updated and / or outdated?

• Remember, it may take a little time, especially if you have a lot of electronic documents. If so, go through your files to a specific period (eg half an hour) and then stops. To do this everyday until the job is done. Small achievable tasks are more likely to have done rather than a big pile of digital clutter scary!

• When you are ready to wash, do not forget to empty the trash. This completes the first step for the organization of files and saves disk space on your hard drive.

Sort and store:

• Now all the unnecessary files are deleted, you can see what you have. Start by creating a public folder on the desktop (such as photos, music, writing, financial, tourism, Fido, Home, Marriage, Medical).

• Remember, you want to find these files in the future with ease. Ask yourself how you try something and record label. For example, do you look for entries in the “Travel” or “American Airlines“?

• If you have any general files created, start to drag your documents to the appropriate places.

• If necessary, sort the documents into the regular folders in several categories by creating subfolders. For example, you have to break the general “Travel” folder with the resorts, airlines and so on.


• Now that you’ve organized files on your computer, make a habit of putting the documents in the respective files whenever you create or download. This task ten seconds you will save much time and stress.

Remember to empty the trash

When the garbage in your home or office is full, you empty them, right?

Remember to do to your computer.

When you send files to the trash, which still use shared memory, because they are still on your computer and delete. Empty the trash from time to time. It frees up space on your hard drive and it feels good to get rid of the superfluous.

Samsung Galaxy Tab–The Other of Ipad

Galaxy Tab Samsung looks set to make waves in the world of tablets that until now has been dominated by Apple iPad, although there are many other brands out there, but they have no real culture and digital effects to IPAD. In fact, recent statistics have shown that IPAD is cannibalized 50% of laptop sales for some retailers in the U.S., which is much more when you think about it. Who said the market has been compressed a niche, and was separated from the laptop / netbook demographic?

Well, the Galaxy card on paper looks like a masterpiece, and is set to arrive in the United States through Verizon Wireless in the coming weeks. Make no mistake about Samsung Galaxy card comes with a brilliant 7-inch touchscreen, which is 1.2GHz Hummingbird Cortex A8 application processor offers users a clearer HTML web browsing experience, regardless of where they are (if the battery life and Internet connectivity , of course). Not only that, because it arrives via Verizon Wireless, is also involved in other shops, such as V CAST Music Rhapsody, V CAST Video on Demand Song ID V Cast, VZ Navigator – things that normally come with the smartphone. Verizon knows that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, so they have also thrown in games such as “Let’s Golf” and “Nova.”

The tab Galaxy Samsung aims to make solid sales figures this season, marketed as the ideal travel companion where you can download a book for the Kindle electronic reader, or enjoy a Slacker Radio Another type of listening experience more than 100 radio stations to use, or even watch a video with its generous display works much better than a normal screen smartphone. Mobile multimedia experience is further enhanced with the full support of Adobe Flash 10.1. Other than that, you get a 3 megapixel camera and a front to rear a 1.3 megapixel camera, when using the video chat. 2 GB of internal memory can be expanded through a slot for microSD memory cards, while the Wi-Fi lets you stay connected to the Internet where there is no 3G signal. No information on pricing, but hopefully the next few weeks will help to better understand this issue.