How to Overcome Saltpeter

Sometimes when we eat in a hurry or have difficulty swallowing afood that a bit harsh, the air flow blockage that causes us to burp.People used to call it Java, with hiccups. If there was anabundance of drinking water, belching can be easily removed. Butwhat if we have a long burp?

Never happened in our Musholla, a pilgrim who has been belchingfrom his home. Brought to walk to Musholla did not eliminatesendawanya. Even finish discharge any congregational

prayersendawanya not lost as well. Remembering a tip that subhanallahvery potent, finally tell is how to deal with belching by doing one ofthe prayer movement.

I asked him to stand up and make the position of ruku ‘as we arebowing in prayer. When we are bowing our holding his breath, he could. When you are finished, try to stand perfectly [i’tidal] and wait a while to ascertain whether sendawanya missing anything yet.Typically, in one ruku ‘and hold your breath belching could be lost,but if not well, please repeat the movement like that anymore.

Personal experience, not to do this three times belching inshaAllahmissing.

Truly an easy and efficient way in removing the burping.

Want to try? Please hiccup first, hehehe ..


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